Speaking Topics

A Word from Cherie

“I’ve spoken at large events, medium size venues, and in small intimate meetings. I love it all! If being a hairstylist for 40 plus years hasn’t taught me anything else – it has taught me to be flexible.”

Speaking Topics

Six Secrets to Designing a More Fabulous You!

Are you HAPPY with who you have become and the life you have made? In this presentation Cherie becomes real and transparent with the audience, as she comes toe to toe with the issues we all women face. This program is designed with lots of audience participation in mind. Great for a day or weekend event!

Living with more Power, Passion & Purpose

So, what’s keeping you from living a life filled with Power, Passion and Purpose? Maybe it’s because it starts at 6 am and ends at 10 pm, which leaves you a totally “Exhausted” and “Worn-Out” woman. In this session, Cherie will share the “Three Diseases” she believes keep women from living the life they were designed to live.

A Good Leader Comes from Listening

Do you ever feel like no one is really listening to what your saying? Being a good listener can win you friends, improve your marriage, and boost your business. In this presentation, Cherie will speak about the “Benefits of Listening” and how you can become a “Person of Influence”.

Taking Off Your Mask and Discovering the Real You!

Are you “Real and Authentic” in the light of who God made you to be? Are the relationships you have with your family and friends based on who you really are, or are they built on a facade?

Cherie is firmly convinced that every woman wears a different mask every day. Many of the “Masks we wear are so ingrained within us, we are not even aware we have them on. Cherie will share in a three-part session that includes “What Really is Behind the Mask?”,  “Who Does God Think You Are?”, and “How to Keep the Mask Off”!

In this presentation, the stage is decorated with several of Cherie’s mannequin friends wearing beautiful masks. You may recognize some of Cherie’s friends, including Super-Hero Sally, Party-Time Patty, Holy Holly, and Got-it-All-Together Heather.

Secrets from Behind the Chair

Cherie offers women compassion, comfort, and practical, liberating counsel using her own mistakes and successes as examples. Cherie will help you claim your true identity and reach for your dreams.

Simply Beautiful

Are you struggling with society’s emphasis on outer beauty versus the value God places on inner beauty?

In a two-part seminar, Cherie shares her secrets to help you obtain both inner and outer beauty. She will teach you how to accept God’s unconditional love and forgiveness so you can celebrate who God designed you to be. “Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us.” – Psalms 90:17

Step Into Refreshing Waters

Are you sailing the waters on Sunday, only to sink in the sand on Monday? Cherie shares how she went from a church member with an empty soul to a vibrant, joyful woman. Cherie will help you see the difference between dead religion and a living relationship with a God who loves you “baggage and all”.

Single and Satisfied

We’ve all made mistakes as parents, yet all is not lost. Cherie shares from 8 years of experience as a single mother. She shares her mistakes and her victories from making radical choices that resulted in a brand new confidence and the freedom to be herself. Come learn how to be whole, satisfied, and single.